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The Following events for: August 26, 2017


Perogy & Garlic Saucage Supper

Perogy & Garlic Sausage Supper

Only 200 tickets available

$15 each tickets available at the Park Office

August 26 2017 5pm at the Pavilion

Liquor permit (no outside liquor permitted)


We are asking for volunteer's to come and make perogy’s on

July 22 2017 9am in the Pavilion. Donations of potatoes, cheez whiz, flour, sour cream & onions (or cash) would be appreciated and can be dropped off at the Park Office. Perogy pinchers would be appreciated!


Buy a Square & Win a Prize

$10 buys you a square and an opportunity to win 1 of 3 beautiful prizes.

1st prize - Moose Antler Carving donated by Len Trakalo

2ns Prize— Bear Clock donated by Cheryl Springer

3rd Prize—Ducks Unlimited Gift

Draw to be held August 26 2017 7pm at the Perogy Supper

All proceeds from these events will go to the purchase of a new play structure for Creeks Side Green Space.